How can couple choose the right adult sex toys.

With the opening of sexual concept, people’s pursuit of the quality of sex is getting higher and higher, more and more people pursue the perfect sex of “body and mind”. And the adult sex toys became the commonly used props of people who want to chase high quality sex. In the process of the pursuit of perfect sex, but also to ensure our health, so we need to have a correct understanding of adult sex toys, and the correct use of them.

“Know” adult products
First of all, we should have a correct understanding of adult sex toys, adult sex toys are not to meet the personal desires, but to let the couple share the climax of the two. If the couple together to use, you can add sexual life fun, to help couple to achieve sexual synchronization, so that couple at the same time enjoy the climax, greatly enhance the quality of life of couple.

Choose the reliable adult sex toys
Use adult sex toys, be sure to choose a reliable, quality clearance. Should choose the high visibility of the product, to have quality assurance. After use, but also pay attention to the care of the maintenance of supplies, stored in a clean, dry container inside, and regular disinfection to ensure that health.

Normative use of adult sex toys
The use of adult sex toys, must be standardized, buy back, carefully read the instructions first, or to read the relevant knowledge on the official website, if you buy the big brands of sex toys, you can search to its website. Only regulate the use, will not cause damage to their own and love, in order to ensure the health of reproductive organs, is a healthy sex.

Use appeal to be appropriate
Use adult products, be sure to moderate. The moderate contains two meanings, one refers to the use of the frequency should be moderate, too far, using an appropriate frequency, can increase the life interest; there is a saying adult sex toys itself appropriately, do not choose the strange toys to chase the climax.

Sex beginer guide – The correct methods of using rabbit vibrators.

How to choose your first rabbit vibrators?

If you’ve never used a rabbit vibrator, get ready for a feast. rabbit vibrators can be made more intense than fingers, tongue, or even pencil. If you have never had a sexual climax, then use the rabbit vibrator to find your first time, it will be more easy. If you can get a sexual climax in other ways, then the shaking rods can give you a more intense experience. It is true that some women are not so keen on them (this is not a mistake), but most women enjoy it.

My advice was to do some research, and not to get cheap on sex toys. You will not regret spending more money to buy more thoughtful design, more powerful, and more secure materials.

If this is your first time, please take some time to “warm up” and get yourself excited. It will be very interesting! Touch your body, with your fingers touch the clitoris and labia.I suggest you with the use of lubricating oil, it can help to make the rabbit vibrators slipped into your body.Okay, grab your shake now. The frequency is the lowest, the touch of clitoris.

When you find the best intensity, try different modes of rabbit vibrators. Experience each model and find the one you like best. Although not a particular pattern will let you fly in the sky, but many people have found themselves have a preference.

Trying different intensity and patterns is very interesting, but if you are ready to meet the climax, then you will want to maintain a specific state of the best. When the rabbit vibrators is in, let’s get it started. You may find that your body has a slight movement, which is normal. Let your body react naturally.

What are the benefits of using adult products for women?

What are the benefits of using adult products for women? Whether men and women, to puberty, due to changes in the body’s health, the hormone increases, resulting in sexual impulse and sexual desire. The question of sex is full of longing, curiosity and imagination. May be in the occasional chance, or in talking with others, learn to masturbation. What are the benefits of using adult products for women?

Women use the benefits of adult products
The length of the female sex toys can easily reach 13.5 cm or more; female sex toys don’t care about the day is the first few days of this month; use of female sex toys do not need to run a pharmacy; when you don’t want to put the female sex toys can be thrown aside; regardless of your age, you can buy a sex toys; female sex toys from ask: “how?” “Did I do all right?” “Did it come?” Female sex toys can be replaced at any time. Happy, let more powerful, more excellent work instead of out of product.

Masturbation impulse
Masturbation is a very common phenomenon at all times and in all countries. According to the survey, the proportion of female masturbation is almost similar to that of male, female sex toys have emerged. It should be noted that the female urethra is relatively short, so women are more likely than men to have urethral disease. If you do not have a good life, underwear is not clean, masturbation, their hands are not clean, and so on, easily lead to disease. By this time the use of fun things, will reduce the incidence of disease.

The classification of female sex toys
Female sex toys is really the phallus. From the variety, adult products are divided into simulation, vibration, jump, phallus bolt, backyard backyard, wearing beads, oral sex butterfly, breast clip, from physical properties, vibration, clamping suction, massage, swing, stretching from the appearance, shape, taste beyond count simulation penis stick and, all kinds of Mini Tiaodan, from the functional point, and clitoral stimulation, acupuncture, stimulation, stimulation, P first oral stimulation, sweet thorn and so on, like the light of these terms, all of a sudden to understand is not easy.

How to use adult products better?Which kind of people are suitable to use sex toys?

The quality of adult products can enhance the taste of two sex in a certain extent, especially in many cases, both male and female energy is limited, do not want to direct sex, and sex toys come in handy, so, as long as reasonable use, is still very good.

Adult products to add vitality to sex
The use of sex toys in the married life, help to improve the quality of life of husband and wife in a certain extent, add fun to life of husband and wife, especially for married couples when love fade passion change Pro excess of love, proper use can bring more fresh, love the world again full of passion, can also bring positive effect to health.

Pay attention to the material of adult products
The general material supplies is not good enough, such as a lot of plastic, which is easy to produce bacteria, if not pay attention to clean, easily lead to bacterial infection, therefore, when using sex toys must be cleaned after use to thoroughly clean and sanitary cleaning in place.

The use of adult products should not be too frequent
Although sex toys are good for life, but if used too frequently, easy to cause people attention, but also may cause some male impotence, premature ejaculation, women will appear serious sexual apathy, so, for these things must be appropriate, not abuse.

Adult products offers a lot of fun for everyone’s life, improve the quality of life, let love life more suspense tricks, so which kind of people are suitable to use sex toys?
2.Long separation
3.sexual dysfunction
4.Menopausal women

How much you know about women’s favorite sex positions?

To tell the truth, when you are making love,the sex positions is really important, if you always felt the immutable and frozen lovemaking is boring, today let’s talk about the girl’s favorite sex positions, if you get some point,when you come home in the evening, try them with your girl.

1.Female host
This sex position allows women to decide, whether to have an orgasm through clitoral or G-spot stimulation? If she is the clitoral orgasm, female body forward, back slightly bent down close to the partner’s penis. If the love G-spot stimulation climax, can try left lateral movement, to achieve orgasm G-spot friction.

2.Mill type
First, use this sex position, men may be due to the excitement is too strong, and difficult to control the climax, minutes away. So this is a quick lovemaking posture. Women can lie on the table, legs spread, men stand in front of them. This position angle and pumping strength can be in the shortest period of time, so that you both rushed to the cloud.

3.Missionary position
This sex position can let both sides continued to kiss, touch each other and gaze, enrich the emotional communication with each other. In order to change the traditional posture of monotonous, men can change the angle of pumping, women may wish to reverse the hip.

4.Cat style
This is known as the straight line technique, can let the female feel the intense. It is somewhat similar to the missionary position, but need the male body forward, arms on her shoulders as a support, a body of two to be fully fit, and keep the spine straight. In this sex position, men can move up and down gently, not in front and back.

5.Doggy style
To take such a sex position, it will be because the angle of the male penis erection and female vagina is similar, makes the penis more easy to penetrate the female vagina.

Mistakes you’re making without even knowing it with your sex toys.

While sifting through the offerings of the billion-pound sex toys industry to find what works for you might sound intimidating, it is also worth it when you find something that makes you want to stay in bed all day. But there are a few common mistakes that might be standing in between you and pleasure product bliss.

You’re avoiding brick-and-mortar stores.
Walking into a sex toy store for the first time might feel awkward, but if you go to a good one, it will be staffed by people whose mission is to put you at ease and find you the toy of your dreams. Online shopping is convenient, but if you’re not sure precisely what you’re looking for, there’s nothing like talking to an expert face-to-face. You could discover something you never even knew you needed in your life.

You’re confusing vibrators and dildos.
Many shoppers who come into the store aren’t clear on the difference between the two kind of sex toys, which can make describing what they want difficult. Vibrators have the primary function of creating vibration, Some vibrators are intended for external use only, but there are also vibrators that can be used both internally or externally, and even some that have dual internal/external stimulation. The main function of dildos is penetration. Some dildos do vibrate, but often their vibrating attachments are removable and not as powerful as the motors built into other vibrators — so, are you looking to focus more on penetration or vibration?


You’re using the wrong lube with your sex toys.
Silicone is a body-safe material, mixing solid and liquid silicone will warp a silicone toy, it can also start to dissolve it.If you do get silicone lube on a silicone toy, wash it off promptly with soap and water and it should be fine. If you adore silicone lube, you can always slip a condom over your silicone toy to protect it.

You’re not practicing safe toy.
The care and keeping of sex toys is serious business — both for your health and the longevity of the toys. Here’s a secret: You don’t really need those overpriced bottles of dedicated sex-toy cleaner. Just wash the toy in question well with soap and warm water water, or if it’s made of glass, Pyrex, stainless steel, or pure silicone, stick it in boiling water for a few minutes (if it doesn’t contain a motor, that is).

You’re not giving your sex toy a chance.
Not every good toy is going to blow your mind right away: Some require practice. If you’ve given a product several tries and it’s just not work for you, move on to the next, but know that even the best accessories can come with learning curves.

Sex toys can bring you more exciting orgasm.

Many men are afraid of women using sex toys because they believe that their importance for women is mainly cause of their “big guy”, men will therefore lack of security. But you don’t know is that sex toys not only will not threaten the status of you, but also bring you more exciting orgasm experience!

1.Anyone can use sex toys.
Sexual partners often use sex toys,sexual orgasm higher quality than the others,and emotional intimacy is also better. About 20 – 30% of people will use at least one-time sex toys in their life. Sex toys are not a lifesaver or the panacea, but a supplement to the sex game.

2.Sex toys do not hurt you (as long as they are used properly).
Although some people may rely on the habit of using sex toys, but you do not need to force quit, anyone can easily return to masturbation with sex partners and do not use sex toys in sexual activity.

3.Sex toys are not human substitutes.
Sex toys will not give you breakfast, will not embrace you or tell you how much he loves you. Many men are afraid of women using sex toys because they think their importance for women is mainly their “big guy”, men will therefore lack of security.But women love you more than sex.

4.There is no evidence that sex toys can damage your sexual senses or genitals.
Of course, if not properly used there will be some danger, but this seems to be bottle opener, no one because it may be harm your hand by the Improper use to throw it away.

Using These Sex Toys Can Make Your Orgasms Incredible!

Do you want to buy sex toys? Well, why wouldn’t you? According to research conducted by online retailer Adam & Eve, 94 percent of survey respondents feel that adult products are a part of a healthy relationship. They’re shown to improve communication and overall satisfaction with sex, and lead to healthier, happier relationships.

But there are so many sex toys out there, and truth be told, choosing one can be a bit intimidating. How are you supposed to know which will be the best fit for you? It’s not like you’re going to poll your friends.

1. The Magic Wand
Many women struggle with vibrators that are simply not strong enough. Magic wand style vibrators offer the strongest vibrations available because they plug directly into the wall.

2.The Clit Stimulator
A clit stimulator is just that — a device designed to target this ultra-sensitive part with teasing vibrators.If you’re like many women, this may could be just the type of stimulation your body has been craving.

3.A Bed Bondage System
Turn your bedroom into a kinky playground with a restraint system that straps right under your mattress, no matter what size it is. These bondage systems come with padded and adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs. You can remove the bondage system any time you want — this sex toy it’s as simple as changing your sheets.

4.The Anal Massager
Designed with a smaller shaft with the backdoor in mind, anal massagers slide in pretty smooth with a little lube and patience. In guys, they stimulate the prostate, and in women, they stimulate the loads of nerve endings inside the anal canal.This sex toy are perfect for anyone looking to explore a little butt play, especially for people not comfortable sticking their fingers into their lover’s bum. Also, some women can only orgasm with anal stimulation. Perhaps you’re one of them.

5.The Rabbit vibrators
This is the most popular sex toy in the world. It offers simultaneous stimulation via shaft that penetrates and pearls that rotate to stimulate your clit.Many women notice that clitoral stimulation when paired with internal vibration offers more consistent orgasms,And with a rabbit vibrator, you don’t need a man to get that.