How to use the vibrating cock ring.

Vibrating cock ring main function is to extend the time of male sex, its vibration function can stimulate the sensitive parts of women (clitoris), the use of the site is set on the male penis.

A woman’s orgasm must be achieved by stroking the sensitive parts of the body. But if you can’t find a woman’s sensitive point, there’s nothing to do with the caress. A common misconception before use vibrating cock ring is that many couples think that a woman’s orgasm is due to a man’s penis, or because the man with the climax of the closer to the deeper, the result is often left behind.

In fact, a woman’s orgasm mainly by men in the insertion of the penis, the penis in the vagina mouth expansion, due to the small labium of prepuce of clitoris on both sides of the mechanical stress, rhythmic movement through the body of clitoris and active penis twitch, with indirect clitoral stimulation; in addition, the pubic hair inadvertently rubbing to the woman the clitoris, deep into accidentally increased the contact area and pressure. Vibrating cock ring can effectively extend the male sex, make men more confident, and to bring women more lasting happiness, let the couple both sides get more stimulation, have sex meet.

Let every impact are accompanied by shock, accurate stimulation of the sensitive points of women, so that women climax. In the absence of a man, the woman can still get orgasm in sex. Vibrating cock ring has humanized mute function let passion process private worries, either alone or with the lover is lingering, can make people immerse yourself in love. The same vibrating cock ring can bring a strong shock waves surging pleasure, let the woman’s! In the absence of sexual partners, the climax of uninterrupted. When there is vaginal dryness can be used in conjunction with lubricant, solve the problem of vaginal dryness.

Vibrating cock ring safe and reliable for human comfort without stimulation. Not only the use of excellent elastic material can make a woman orgasm, but also close to the penis, so that the blood flow slowed down, the sponge like muscle fibers elongated increase, effectively extend the sex time! Let passion be more lasting and happy! In a more humanized mute function let passion process private worries, either alone or with the lover is lingering, can make people immerse yourself in love.

Find your best lesbian sex toys.

1.Anal Beads
Explore your wild side with Anal Beads! These easy-to-use anal beads are great for beginners, experts, and any anal lesbian sex toys fun in between!Try and insert as many of the beads as you feel comfortable with. Anal beginners may need plenty of practice with the first few beads before they’re ready for more. With each successive anal bead, you’ll love the sensation of pressure and stimulating pleasure.
Try out your Sassy Anal Beads along with other kinds of stimulation and lesbian sex toys to take your personal pleasure level to new heights! When it’s time for removal, just use the pull ring handle to retrieve your anal beads. You can also use the pull ring to gently tug for great anal stimulation.

2.Anal Plug
Start your anal journey the right way! If you’ve always wanted to experiment with lesbian sex toys, the Anal Plug may be the most fun, cost-effective starter toy out there. It’s got just the right amount of size and a soft, cushy construction that’ll leave you breathless.
Just add your favorite lubricant to get the Anal Plug even smoother and slicker. The narrow tip makes entry easy, and the bulbed shaft lets you take in as much or as little of the plug as you like. Grip the t-shaped safety base and use it as a handle for even better control. After use, clean the Anal Plug with mild soap and water or lesbian sex toys Cleaner.

3.Strap-On dildo
The strap-on lesbian sex toys that makes the most of your sexy woman’s body and your hottest mood. The Plus Size Strap-On not only really fits the larger woman, emphasizing your lush curves, but it offers a secure base for the included dildo and your other dildo sex toys. And you’ll love the smooth, erotic feel against your body.
This strap on lesbian sex toys isn’t just for couples play – when your partner’s away, the dildo has a suction-cup base for solo fun. Attach it to the shower wall, the edge of the tub or a smooth-surface table or chair and bounce to a blissful hands-free orgasm.

4.Double Dildo
Bow down to one of the finest double dongs in the land! The Double Dildo lesbian sex toys packs plenty of inches to fulfill all your deepest cravings, and is handcrafted with lifelike details to feel absolutely like the real thing.
How do you get started? Just grab your favorite lubricant. Though this lesbian sex toys is slim for a double dong, most will find its girth very satisfying. Get your preferred end slick and go to town. You can play with only one end and use the other as a handle, or bend the dildo in half and explore sensations in the front and rear. The most adventurous can even share an end with a friend for amazingly erotic sensations.


Using bedroom bondage to add your sex fun.

Your partner may not be able to get into the role you are being asked for because of tension, so use the handcuffs to reassure her / his mind! Similarly, handcuffs are one of the bedroom bondage of all SM lovers.

2.Glass whip
For newcomers of bedroom bondage, this is a versatile “whip””. The cortex of the whip can not grasp the strength of the new people, soft enough, enough strength. The other side of the whip: is an artificial blown glass whip, can be used in different Bi, and easy to clean, in the summer or winter can also be used through the ice or hot water temperature change.

You probably know BDSM from the movie “50 gray” and think it’s so good things, then this silver Gray silk tie can be used to cover the eyes, can also be used to bedroom bondage.

4.Nipple clamps
I just bought it for fun. This is one of the most popular bedroom bondage toys. My wife never used any fixtures before, and she didn’t want to try anything. But after using them once, don’t mention how excited she is. It can adjust the tightness of the perfect.

5.Tied rope
This is a kind of Japanese art, one of the most frequently used items in Japanese entertainment programs. If you want to use it better, you need to practice more. There are more than and 10 common ways bound: first, first hand tied hands tied and bound, even for the handcuffs handcuffs, hands tied and bound after the master M word developed energy-saving etc.. If you learn it, it will take nearly a month to try it every day. It’s a month full of bedroom bondage expectations.

6.Cross brace ribbon
The equipment support under the two ways, can refer to specific illustrations, is different, through the use of fabric, can make the bedroom bondage more comfortable.

Bedroom bondage there are more rich and colorful universe of 1,000,000,000 universes props, this chapter is an introduction, I hope everyone in have a certain theoretical and practical knowledge, can ride on the SM road.