The guide for gay men to buying gay sex toys.

Because Good Vibrations is recognized as a woman-focused retailer, there’s often the misconception that we don’t carry gay sex toys, or that the boy’s toys we do have are primarily for heterosexual couples. Well, we’re here to put the rumors to rest. We’ve got titillating gay erotica titles as well as hot how-to books.

In addition to dozens of gay sex toys in all shapes, sizes and textures, we have an impressive selection of anal toys too. We carry prostate toys, anal massagers, butt plugs, and beads made from high quality materials such as silicone, glass, metal and wood. We also carry cock rings, some that vibrate and some that don’t. We have an assortment of sensational masturbation sleeves and stroke creams.

This lovely gay sex toys is for those interested in the anal toys player designed specifically for recreation. The useing is slowly put the tail into the anus, and then quickly pulled out. It’s not a body composed of concave convex oval silica beads, will let you continue to open anal contraction and give you strength to stimulate feelings of staggered. You can use your fingers to grasp its lovely big head, to manipulate its forward and backward.

To promote safety, health and proper use of all kinds of gay sex toys, anal toys for the privacy of goods, only for personal use, before and after use must pay attention to hygiene.

After the use of gay sex toys due to a large number of secretions and oil residue liquid, if long time does not clean, then it is easy to breed bacteria, so after use, please proceed as soon as possible to clean your anal toys.

When you cleaning your gay sex toys, the silica gel part can be used alcohol, disinfectant, etc., and even can be used with hot water; the handle part is ABS plastic, and can not be used for scrubbing with alcohol.