How to find the G-spot.

Most people know that woman is the most sensitive place is the G-spot, all men want to touch the woman’s G-spot when love, how to find the G-spot, one love making love called Cupid, who is her Cupid, like a Cupid’s arrow at her G-spot, let her enjoy intense climax, to experience the angel a sexual pleasure.

What is Cupid sex
Why is this position called Cupid? In this kind of sexual intercourse posture, the whole body is like a long wings, women wrapped around the male indicates dancing. The most important thing is that this position will allow women to feel an unprecedented stimulus, as long as they are willing to, any husband and wife can be challenging to try this novel sex posture how to find the G-spot.

How to make Cupid sex
This is not a relatively simple sex position, it is a more difficult to do sex posture, even if not the most difficult is also a close to the highest difficulty posture. In this position, the woman is in a position to lie down, her hips and back will be raised by men with arms, the vagina will be filed, so that men are more likely to enter how to find the G-spot.
Male genital organs and women’s platform is best to keep an inch away, which can be easily demonstrated in the bed as a sex venue. The man stood in front of the bed and raised her legs to her head.

It is easy to touch the male G-spot
When a woman is at the right height, her back and head are naturally placed on the bed. The man can now and then enter the female body without how to find the G-spot. Because of the angle of reason, men can’t seem to reach the deepest parts of the female, but this is a good thing, because every time the depth is just part of the female g-spot.

What men need to do
In this sex position, how to find the G-spot, men take on more tasks. Men should be raised from the bed or other objects. Hold on to her hips to make this position better. To ensure the two organs at the same height, ensure that can continue to stimulate the g-point.
Men can also change the way and depth of entry as needed. Men can also be in the 3-4 shallow entry process is accompanied by a depth, but also can be used in accordance with the need for several times with the depth of shallow 1-2.