Oral sex tips for you – give your man the best blow jobs.

Want to give your man the best blow jobs, you must first understand where is the most sensitive part of the man, to fully grasp the most sensitive areas on his body. You don’t need to be an expert on oral sex, but you have to find his most sensitive zone. Men’s most sensitive areas are as oral sex tips:

1. The outer part of a circle is called the turtle ring, it is connected with the penis head and stem, please note that this is the most sensitive parts of man. With your wet tongue licking back and forth constantly and click here, you can make him feel comfortable.
2. Glans and stem body in the middle of the junction, but also one of the most soft man. With the tip of the tongue gently touch a row here, oral sex tips can let a man could not help but cry.
3. The testis is particularly sensitive to pain, as long as you treat them correctly, also allows your partner to achieve the highest point of best blow jobs.

Understand the above man’s most sensitive areas, we also need to know how to stimulate the man’s most sensitive areas, in order to achieve the purpose of best blow jobs for men. Generally we have to master the following oral sex tips:
1. Your moist lips containing his glans, around the glans segment (which is mentioned in the soft groove) slowly rotating. This does not require too much skill, but very effective, because it is the most sensitive parts of his sex organs. Continuous sucking in here will trigger a strong pleasure.
2. Oral sex skills, is around the tongue licking glans, and rotation of the tongue, touched the glans sulcus, to gently bite, it will make a man feeling dumb.
3. His penis containing iron into the mouth, lips do not force attention. Let your head be a circular movement. When you come back around, his penis in your mouth flip, hit different parts. Watch your teeth don’t touch it. Remember to be gentle while turning to a sharp turn, don’t. If your method is right, then the man can’t help shouting. If issued at the same time, moist or more can make him entranced.

4. Lying in him or kneeling in front of him, the penis with shallow entrance, shrink mouth, create a vacuum suction generated on his genitals, enough suction to his genitals slowly into your mouth, your lips tightly around his swollen glans and stems gently with the tip of the tongue on his glans tip. Lips start swinging up and down. A few minutes later, then vacuum suction, repeat oral sex tips.
5. Use your tongue repeatedly along the edge of the glans. In order to effectively stimulate the glans tip of the tongue, can quickly gently lick with his tongue, and teasing the urethra. Some men there too sensitive, best blow jobs may make him stand, unable to restrain the emotions moaned out.

6. In the oral sex tips, you can rhythmically rub his whole penis dry. It’s fun to play with his testicles during oral sex. Some men love you do oral sex to him licking, sipping and playing with his testicles. But the attention, the movement should be gentle, some men are very sensitive, even the most gentle stimulation will make him feel pain. Can first lick his testicles, gently pinch it, if his testicles hard, to accept any stimulation, then you can enjoy the stimulation of his testicles!
7. In the back of the scrotum has a smooth hairless area, like a baby’s skin delicate, this area feel very sharp, as long as you rub it gently, slowly or with the tongue lick, best blow jobs make him mad.