How much you know about women’s favorite sex positions?

To tell the truth, when you are making love,the sex positions is really important, if you always felt the immutable and frozen lovemaking is boring, today let’s talk about the girl’s favorite sex positions, if you get some point,when you come home in the evening, try them with your girl.

1.Female host
This sex position allows women to decide, whether to have an orgasm through clitoral or G-spot stimulation? If she is the clitoral orgasm, female body forward, back slightly bent down close to the partner’s penis. If the love G-spot stimulation climax, can try left lateral movement, to achieve orgasm G-spot friction.

2.Mill type
First, use this sex position, men may be due to the excitement is too strong, and difficult to control the climax, minutes away. So this is a quick lovemaking posture. Women can lie on the table, legs spread, men stand in front of them. This position angle and pumping strength can be in the shortest period of time, so that you both rushed to the cloud.

3.Missionary position
This sex position can let both sides continued to kiss, touch each other and gaze, enrich the emotional communication with each other. In order to change the traditional posture of monotonous, men can change the angle of pumping, women may wish to reverse the hip.

4.Cat style
This is known as the straight line technique, can let the female feel the intense. It is somewhat similar to the missionary position, but need the male body forward, arms on her shoulders as a support, a body of two to be fully fit, and keep the spine straight. In this sex position, men can move up and down gently, not in front and back.

5.Doggy style
To take such a sex position, it will be because the angle of the male penis erection and female vagina is similar, makes the penis more easy to penetrate the female vagina.