The false ideas with using sex toys.

With the improvement of living standards, people in the sex also has a quality demands, and more and more couples are no longer satisfied, the original stereotype of primitive animal attributes of sex in the pursuit of a life, they let people became flirty, passionate sex life quality. But during using sex toys, there have been some embarrassing things.

Using sex toys will make partner jealous
The wife’s doubts: the husband can not satisfy my orgasm, so I consider using sex toys, but how can I do not hurt him? Personally, I think: couples should be used together. It doesn’t mean that you are in the wrong place when you use them together. On the contrary, you are willing to use them to show that your relationship is more open, more interesting and more trusting. It’s normal to want sex toys to satisfy your desires. Sex itself is a game, since it is a natural game props.

Sex toys will make her husband doubt his sexual ability.
My wife’s doubts: I bought an Vibration stick was accidentally discovered her husband, which makes him very depressed and angry. Although I have repeatedly explained that it is not because of his sexual problems, I love him, but also very satisfied with the sexual life, he is not convinced, and to bring this sentiment to other issues. I am unable to calm his mind. Am I crazy about using sex toys?

Using sex toys can only be as an auxiliary means, and can not replace the emotional exchanges between the two sides; to know that the emotional basis of sexual life is not only can not improve the quality of sex, but the other side of the offensive or disgust. The two sides agreed principles: whether the use of the couple, both parties shall negotiate sex toys, but do not own, only if both sides agree, to let both sides of passion memorable sex life. Tips: in the use of the other party feel uncomfortable, it should stop using, so as not to cause harm to the body of the lover.

Purchase and using sex toys
A final note is: to ensure that Adult supplies the quality and specifications, select qualified genuine couple supplies, it is necessary to prevent injury, at present our country interest products market product quality parameters do not wipe, cheap trick, shoddy and other fraudulent means to attract consumers; therefore pay special attention to the quality of the products when buying, must choose some good reputation, good reputation in the sex toys distributors and franchisees. In addition, the fun can be repeatedly used, in use should pay attention to cleaning and disinfection, to prepare for later use, to prevent infection caused by unclean.

Have you ever been using sex toys?

Have you ever using sex toys?
When it comes to sex, a lot of people have a misconception that it is a “sexual poverty”. It seems only to have the bachelor, widow. Actually?

Before people are ashamed to talk about, the products are collectively referred to as “family planning activities”, this name is a bit funny, because every kind of “comfort” with the family should have nothing to do, where the “plan” said? Later, there was a word: “husband and wife, there are health care products” “husband and wife” using sex toys, is to express the products comply with ethics; named “health care”, suggesting that this tool is good for physical and mental health.

Until recent years, at least in the big city, is no longer a taboo subject, a variety of “sex shop” signs to hang up dignified and imposing. The mention of supplies, many people have a misunderstanding, that is “poor” is what we need, it seems that only the folk ballad, king of the widow to interested. In fact, now like a spy joints like limp into the sex shop, not terribly hot singles, some have the ability to reach the “well-off” people, many of whom are office lady using sex toys.

A female friend who is quite interested in the sociology of sex has told me that many women around her are quietly using sex toys. She said, according to a friend used to say, vibrator can bring perfect experience, because of its fast frequency, the length of time, not reality.

Because women pay more attention to emotion, when desire comes, they refuse to find a man to solve the problem. Rather than using sex toys, birdcage, nor sudden and false display of affection. This is the reason why the tremor in a small range of popular quietly. For men, is the right path to read. If you abandon the animal body, focus on feelings, even with a vibrator eight cylinder, a four wheel drive, the opponent is not a man. Of course, women who are fascinated by the transient tremor should also be alert, although rare truth like oasis in the desert, but don’t forget, the world still tireless camel.