Choose him a best sex toys for men in the valentines day.

We contacted best sex toys for men in life, many people have a certain understanding of sex toys, there are a lot of fun activities, there is stimulus type, some lubricant like, we can choose their own sex toys, but how to use sex toys, different types of best sex toys for men is not there different usages, here is a look at the related introduction.

1. a local anesthetic, delay the erection, with a variety of “joy God oil” as the representative, the principle is applied to the glans penis after the local mucosal anesthesia effect reduces the sensitivity of external genital organs, so as to improve the intensity of excitation fine thorn (threshold), extend the time. For genital skin, mucous membrane turtle too sensitive to premature ejaculation caused by the patient, this is a very good best sex toys for men. However, if premature ejaculation is due to the central nervous system disorders, the brain’s tolerance to stimulate the stimulation threshold is too low, the drug has no effect.

2. strengthen the stimulation, the erotic series, such as tortoise coronal ring (coronal elastic ring, with a raised stimulus is fixed on the glans of phallic), coat (using silica gel as the material, can “increase, lengthen” genitals, multi band stimuli, protuberant best sex toys for men) J the thorn condoms and so on. Their role is to increase and strengthen the stimulation, so that women are more likely to reach orgasm.

3. lubricants, sex aids, such best sex toys for men are suitable for sexual excitement, or after menopause women. It reduces the discomfort and pain of sexual intercourse. The lack of sexual experience, the spirit is too tight enough excitement of the female is also very suitable for use, it can make it easy for women to get used to, cha.

4. masturbation doll products, glassware, such devices were also known, male and female, for lack of sexual partners of men and women are very good. As we have said, it is a kind of best sex toys for men, and it is better to let it have a proper release.

5. auxiliary, treatment equipment, such as negative pressure or vacuum treatment instrument. It uses the principle of negative pressure or vacuum, the organ congestion, thereby erectile impotence passive. I personally think that a major drawback of it is at the same time the organ congestion, increased blood flow caused by genital organ is blocked, causing congestion. In the congestion, capillary expansion, because of lack of oxygen exudation appeared a nonspecific inflammatory response, go down for a long time it is easy to cause genital penile fibrosis, pathological irreversible impotence. Please consider carefully before use these best sex toys for men.