How to choose couples sex toys.

Adult products believe that we all know, then the husband and wife, harmony and good sex is very important, young couples tend to favor sexual love, so, will buy some couples sex toys. Buy couples sex toys to be cautious, but also pay more attention to use.


1. how to buy couples sex toys?
Couples sex toys to buy, you can not blindly seek stimulation or cheap, while ignoring the importance of the material, otherwise easy to cause the accident due to the quality of supplies or damage to you and your partner’s body. For example, men’s rings used for too long will lead to cell necrosis, prostate disease and other phenomena. In addition, the poor material massage stick or men’s ring, prone to break or fall off the situation, so the purchase, must be multi considerations, not only for self defeating!

2. to buy couples sex toys, to pay attention to what things?
Open just bought couples sex toys, be sure to look at the product specifications, understand the use of methods and precautions, especially into the body of the erotic, must understand the item is waterproof, manual or electric or other purposes, and how to use the.
The use of couples sex toys, the best choice when the body is in good condition. Physical condition is not good, such as illness, cold, stay up late, local pain, bad mood…… Recommended not to use, do not force themselves, to adapt to the feelings of the body. The use of sex toys is only a couple of life.

3. do not forget to use oil to reduce friction when using couples sex toys
Such as the use of husband and wife couples sex toys for a long time, men and women organs will produce excessive friction caused by a variety of swelling pain, inflammation, and even serious harm to health. The use of lubricating oil, through the effective reduction of friction, the best solution to this problem, so that you can enjoy the fun for a long time without having to worry about reproductive health.

4. fun items in each use after cleaning
Because most of the couples sex toys will be directly associated with the sexual organs, so in terms of cleaning, need to be extra careful. If the appeal is not a one-time items, it should be in after each use, clean, dry temperature and boiling water if it is clean application of silicone type is lower than 80 DEG C; and enter the body of sex toys, condom use to collocation.

5. if you do not adapt or respect each other’s feelings
The use of couples sex toys is not to increase the husband and wife to stimulate life, enhance feelings of husband and wife, but the effect of excessive use will no longer exist, and even resentment. The most important thing is the relationship between husband and wife, if the wife does not like to use couples sex toys, the husband is not reluctant to use, simple love, gentle sweet talk can also make each other for a long time.