Find your best lesbian sex toys.

1.Anal Beads
Explore your wild side with Anal Beads! These easy-to-use anal beads are great for beginners, experts, and any anal lesbian sex toys fun in between!Try and insert as many of the beads as you feel comfortable with. Anal beginners may need plenty of practice with the first few beads before they’re ready for more. With each successive anal bead, you’ll love the sensation of pressure and stimulating pleasure.
Try out your Sassy Anal Beads along with other kinds of stimulation and lesbian sex toys to take your personal pleasure level to new heights! When it’s time for removal, just use the pull ring handle to retrieve your anal beads. You can also use the pull ring to gently tug for great anal stimulation.

2.Anal Plug
Start your anal journey the right way! If you’ve always wanted to experiment with lesbian sex toys, the Anal Plug may be the most fun, cost-effective starter toy out there. It’s got just the right amount of size and a soft, cushy construction that’ll leave you breathless.
Just add your favorite lubricant to get the Anal Plug even smoother and slicker. The narrow tip makes entry easy, and the bulbed shaft lets you take in as much or as little of the plug as you like. Grip the t-shaped safety base and use it as a handle for even better control. After use, clean the Anal Plug with mild soap and water or lesbian sex toys Cleaner.

3.Strap-On dildo
The strap-on lesbian sex toys that makes the most of your sexy woman’s body and your hottest mood. The Plus Size Strap-On not only really fits the larger woman, emphasizing your lush curves, but it offers a secure base for the included dildo and your other dildo sex toys. And you’ll love the smooth, erotic feel against your body.
This strap on lesbian sex toys isn’t just for couples play – when your partner’s away, the dildo has a suction-cup base for solo fun. Attach it to the shower wall, the edge of the tub or a smooth-surface table or chair and bounce to a blissful hands-free orgasm.

4.Double Dildo
Bow down to one of the finest double dongs in the land! The Double Dildo lesbian sex toys packs plenty of inches to fulfill all your deepest cravings, and is handcrafted with lifelike details to feel absolutely like the real thing.
How do you get started? Just grab your favorite lubricant. Though this lesbian sex toys is slim for a double dong, most will find its girth very satisfying. Get your preferred end slick and go to town. You can play with only one end and use the other as a handle, or bend the dildo in half and explore sensations in the front and rear. The most adventurous can even share an end with a friend for amazingly erotic sensations.


Using bedroom bondage to add your sex fun.

Your partner may not be able to get into the role you are being asked for because of tension, so use the handcuffs to reassure her / his mind! Similarly, handcuffs are one of the bedroom bondage of all SM lovers.

2.Glass whip
For newcomers of bedroom bondage, this is a versatile “whip””. The cortex of the whip can not grasp the strength of the new people, soft enough, enough strength. The other side of the whip: is an artificial blown glass whip, can be used in different Bi, and easy to clean, in the summer or winter can also be used through the ice or hot water temperature change.

You probably know BDSM from the movie “50 gray” and think it’s so good things, then this silver Gray silk tie can be used to cover the eyes, can also be used to bedroom bondage.

4.Nipple clamps
I just bought it for fun. This is one of the most popular bedroom bondage toys. My wife never used any fixtures before, and she didn’t want to try anything. But after using them once, don’t mention how excited she is. It can adjust the tightness of the perfect.

5.Tied rope
This is a kind of Japanese art, one of the most frequently used items in Japanese entertainment programs. If you want to use it better, you need to practice more. There are more than and 10 common ways bound: first, first hand tied hands tied and bound, even for the handcuffs handcuffs, hands tied and bound after the master M word developed energy-saving etc.. If you learn it, it will take nearly a month to try it every day. It’s a month full of bedroom bondage expectations.

6.Cross brace ribbon
The equipment support under the two ways, can refer to specific illustrations, is different, through the use of fabric, can make the bedroom bondage more comfortable.

Bedroom bondage there are more rich and colorful universe of 1,000,000,000 universes props, this chapter is an introduction, I hope everyone in have a certain theoretical and practical knowledge, can ride on the SM road.


Enjoy your anal play with gay sex toys.

Gay men are a special group of people in society. Homosexuality and heterosexuality in behavior is completely consistent, to determine whether a behavior is not homosexual behavior, the standard should not be the way of anal play, but only the gay sex toys give the same sex.

Gay men sexual behavior, including kissing, stroking, hand stimulation, oral sex and anal play, there are a number of homosexual occasionally using artificial penis and oscillator, as well as a rare blow to the anus. In addition, 3/4 of gay couples stimulate nipples with gay sex toys when they have sex.

Therefore, gay sex toys is also born, anal play toys is one of them. This is a anal toys, using simple and fun items. As long as the beads of a slowly into the anal can stimulate the prostate. Especially before orgasm, will pull out one by one with the climax is really exciting, the towering taste unspeakable. So will you in the climax comes and timely pull beads link to handle.

In front of the unique male organ of prostate pubic symphysis, back in the rectum, strong stimulation of the rectum and anus can make prostate hyperaemia, stimulate ejaculation centre, have a great pleasure, the Report showed that men given by stimulating the prostate orgasm, its intensity is much higher than the penis orgasm. so come and enjoy your anal play with gay sex toys.

Oral sex tips for you – give your man the best blow jobs.

Want to give your man the best blow jobs, you must first understand where is the most sensitive part of the man, to fully grasp the most sensitive areas on his body. You don’t need to be an expert on oral sex, but you have to find his most sensitive zone. Men’s most sensitive areas are as oral sex tips:

1. The outer part of a circle is called the turtle ring, it is connected with the penis head and stem, please note that this is the most sensitive parts of man. With your wet tongue licking back and forth constantly and click here, you can make him feel comfortable.
2. Glans and stem body in the middle of the junction, but also one of the most soft man. With the tip of the tongue gently touch a row here, oral sex tips can let a man could not help but cry.
3. The testis is particularly sensitive to pain, as long as you treat them correctly, also allows your partner to achieve the highest point of best blow jobs.

Understand the above man’s most sensitive areas, we also need to know how to stimulate the man’s most sensitive areas, in order to achieve the purpose of best blow jobs for men. Generally we have to master the following oral sex tips:
1. Your moist lips containing his glans, around the glans segment (which is mentioned in the soft groove) slowly rotating. This does not require too much skill, but very effective, because it is the most sensitive parts of his sex organs. Continuous sucking in here will trigger a strong pleasure.
2. Oral sex skills, is around the tongue licking glans, and rotation of the tongue, touched the glans sulcus, to gently bite, it will make a man feeling dumb.
3. His penis containing iron into the mouth, lips do not force attention. Let your head be a circular movement. When you come back around, his penis in your mouth flip, hit different parts. Watch your teeth don’t touch it. Remember to be gentle while turning to a sharp turn, don’t. If your method is right, then the man can’t help shouting. If issued at the same time, moist or more can make him entranced.

4. Lying in him or kneeling in front of him, the penis with shallow entrance, shrink mouth, create a vacuum suction generated on his genitals, enough suction to his genitals slowly into your mouth, your lips tightly around his swollen glans and stems gently with the tip of the tongue on his glans tip. Lips start swinging up and down. A few minutes later, then vacuum suction, repeat oral sex tips.
5. Use your tongue repeatedly along the edge of the glans. In order to effectively stimulate the glans tip of the tongue, can quickly gently lick with his tongue, and teasing the urethra. Some men there too sensitive, best blow jobs may make him stand, unable to restrain the emotions moaned out.

6. In the oral sex tips, you can rhythmically rub his whole penis dry. It’s fun to play with his testicles during oral sex. Some men love you do oral sex to him licking, sipping and playing with his testicles. But the attention, the movement should be gentle, some men are very sensitive, even the most gentle stimulation will make him feel pain. Can first lick his testicles, gently pinch it, if his testicles hard, to accept any stimulation, then you can enjoy the stimulation of his testicles!
7. In the back of the scrotum has a smooth hairless area, like a baby’s skin delicate, this area feel very sharp, as long as you rub it gently, slowly or with the tongue lick, best blow jobs make him mad.

A guide of dildos – buy anal dildos online.

Anal dildos are sex toys used for anal play and come in a fantastic variety of sizes, styles, colors, shape, and materials, from silicone to glass, metal and even wood.

Using anal dildos, particularly prostate massage for men has shown to provide increased health and reduces the chances of prostate cancer. So, not only is anal play a pleasurable thing to do it is also health for you.

Contact us if you have any questions as we are happy to help you select anal dildos or anal play that is perfect for you or someone special.


When I purchased my first anal dildo, I can remember being overwhelmed. There were so many shapes and sizes, and I was nervous about where to start. This is because information about anal dildos is sadly pretty scarce. And let’s face it – there aren’t many strictly anal dildos out there. This means that a lot of people are missing out on a large part of their sex lives. So that’s why I set out to answer the question: what is the best anal dildo for anal play?

That really depends on what you are looking for. Luckily you have a nice variety of options, ranging from realism to comfort. To help make your anal play a little easier, these are anal dildos that personally vouch for. So, if you are looking for something beginner friendly, then look no further.

What you need to know about strapless dildos.

The strapless dildos is usually used to masturbation, can also be used as one of the sex toys. Strapless dildos material mostly soft silicone, and feel similar to human muscle tissue, and most of the battery power. In appearance, the appearance of a strapless dildo is usually similar to that of a male penis and has various skin colors or other colors. Where to have sell simulation it?

Strapless dildos uses the object simulation are mostly women, but mostly lesbian. These sex toys both ends of the male genitalia, elastic chronological, increased friction massage feeling extremely comfortable.

Strapless dildos can let you enjoy vaginal orgasm, experience into the anus of surprise and pleasure, let sex be sublimated. Massage female vagina inside and outside sensitive area, give women multiple stimulation, make it quickly reach orgasm, to treat female frigidity, lack of orgasm and other symptoms have good treatment effect.

With the double dildo Strapless dildos couples can share thrilling moments and soar together into exquisite heights of ecstasy. The soft high quality silicone makes insertion and stimulation a sensual and easy experience. Strapless dildos is the sex toys for the active woman, who knows what she wants to give love and share passion.

Why does woman loves giant dildos?

Why does woman loves giant dildos? Put her boyfriend out, but she was hiding in the room masturbation. Giant dildos is a kind of sex toys, usually used to masturbation, can also be used as sexual intercourse, one of the sex toys. Giant dildos is one of the main products of the auxiliary supplies, it’s relative or related supplies for the fake vagina. Here is a brief introduction to the history and function of the development of giant dildos.

Giant dildos source for a long time, there is a large boulder with phallic worship in ancient times around the giant dildos. After entering the modern civilization, and the size of the giant dildos is similar to the size of the penis or larger artificial products appear, and the actual use of sexual behavior or masturbation behavior.

Today, the giant dildos material is made of soft polymer rubber material, feel the same as the human body muscle tissue, and most of the battery power driven. In appearance, the appearance of the giant dildos is usually similar to that of a male penis, and has a variety of skin color or other colors.

Before 1990s, the function of the giant dildos was only to “shake”, the giant dildos shock can provide about 80 Hz vibration stimulation to the nipple or breast above vaginal clitoral stimulation or other organs, in order to achieve orgasm.

Now many giant dildos telescopic and rotary and peristaltic function, even out of a small oscillation fork, in order to stimulate the vaginal and clitoral stimulation and vibration can slow multi section adjusting level. In case of insufficient secretion of vaginal lubrication or add a condom, there is a double, for 2 people to use.

The guide for gay men to buying gay sex toys.

Because Good Vibrations is recognized as a woman-focused retailer, there’s often the misconception that we don’t carry gay sex toys, or that the boy’s toys we do have are primarily for heterosexual couples. Well, we’re here to put the rumors to rest. We’ve got titillating gay erotica titles as well as hot how-to books.

In addition to dozens of gay sex toys in all shapes, sizes and textures, we have an impressive selection of anal toys too. We carry prostate toys, anal massagers, butt plugs, and beads made from high quality materials such as silicone, glass, metal and wood. We also carry cock rings, some that vibrate and some that don’t. We have an assortment of sensational masturbation sleeves and stroke creams.

This lovely gay sex toys is for those interested in the anal toys player designed specifically for recreation. The useing is slowly put the tail into the anus, and then quickly pulled out. It’s not a body composed of concave convex oval silica beads, will let you continue to open anal contraction and give you strength to stimulate feelings of staggered. You can use your fingers to grasp its lovely big head, to manipulate its forward and backward.

To promote safety, health and proper use of all kinds of gay sex toys, anal toys for the privacy of goods, only for personal use, before and after use must pay attention to hygiene.

After the use of gay sex toys due to a large number of secretions and oil residue liquid, if long time does not clean, then it is easy to breed bacteria, so after use, please proceed as soon as possible to clean your anal toys.

When you cleaning your gay sex toys, the silica gel part can be used alcohol, disinfectant, etc., and even can be used with hot water; the handle part is ABS plastic, and can not be used for scrubbing with alcohol.


The Tips for You To useing a Glass Dildos.

With the development of science and technology, all kinds of masturbation also appear in succession, and in this one is like a Glass Dildos with its unique appearance and other advantages have been recognized by many users, but how to use Glass Dildos is the most safe? I think the use must first pay attention to clean, and then in accordance with the the following method to step by step.

Glass dildos from since listing, with its characteristics of safe, elegant and novel, exquisitely carved, bear the brunt of Adult supplies, crystal color like gem 2290, design and simulation it beautiful curve design; can be heated in winter, summer has frozen, some products with unique rear mirror area can be observed the secret garden.

Glass Dildos Usage method

1. Before use
Glass Dildos can be used directly after cleaning, or before use directly with 1% lotion or 75% of medical alcohol scrub disinfection, and apply a small amount of lubricant, with a use of condoms is more better.

2. The use of
Can be used directly, can also be heated or frozen, if you want to enjoy the warm feeling, crystal Glass Dildos can be soaked in warm water for 1-5 minutes; if you want a sexy shake, can be placed in the refrigerator or ice crystal glass in a few minutes to enjoy.

3. After use
Glass Dildos to be cleaned by the cleaning liquid items placed after the ordinary against the water, with a soft brush or hand washing, and then rinse with water, out of control to be dry, dry with a soft towel to wipe clean, do not keep the watermark and fingerprint.


How can couple choose the right adult sex toys.

With the opening of sexual concept, people’s pursuit of the quality of sex is getting higher and higher, more and more people pursue the perfect sex of “body and mind”. And the adult sex toys became the commonly used props of people who want to chase high quality sex. In the process of the pursuit of perfect sex, but also to ensure our health, so we need to have a correct understanding of adult sex toys, and the correct use of them.

“Know” adult products
First of all, we should have a correct understanding of adult sex toys, adult sex toys are not to meet the personal desires, but to let the couple share the climax of the two. If the couple together to use, you can add sexual life fun, to help couple to achieve sexual synchronization, so that couple at the same time enjoy the climax, greatly enhance the quality of life of couple.

Choose the reliable adult sex toys
Use adult sex toys, be sure to choose a reliable, quality clearance. Should choose the high visibility of the product, to have quality assurance. After use, but also pay attention to the care of the maintenance of supplies, stored in a clean, dry container inside, and regular disinfection to ensure that health.

Normative use of adult sex toys
The use of adult sex toys, must be standardized, buy back, carefully read the instructions first, or to read the relevant knowledge on the official website, if you buy the big brands of sex toys, you can search to its website. Only regulate the use, will not cause damage to their own and love, in order to ensure the health of reproductive organs, is a healthy sex.

Use appeal to be appropriate
Use adult products, be sure to moderate. The moderate contains two meanings, one refers to the use of the frequency should be moderate, too far, using an appropriate frequency, can increase the life interest; there is a saying adult sex toys itself appropriately, do not choose the strange toys to chase the climax.